Like to have someone present to your IT/Web and Marketing teams about the latest mobile user and developer trends emerging from the US?

Developing your digital strategy and would like to seek professional input?

Trying to decide between the mobile web or native apps?

Looking to develop an app specification that you can take to market?

Developing your API strategy to increase organisational innovation?

Looking to measure the performance of your app via analytics and user behaviour?

Like to test your app and identify possible crashes before they occur?

Would you like to promote your app through an app search engine?

Interested in identifying the main tools and platforms available in the area you want to publish eg gaming apps, enterprise apps, HTML5 apps?

Seeking to engage with the developer community and have them interact with your API?

Desire to publish in multiple app ecosystems?

Wanting to identify the best cloud providers to stream content to your app?

Like to understand the AGILE development process for app development?

Would you like to know about how advertising is changing on mobile devices?

Like to know about the paradigm shift in mobile payments?

Want to know what's coming with interactive TV and the 'second screen'?

Like to know about the changing distribution models for film and TV via mobile?

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