In modern times, many people are finding it harder to meet others. People can also be low on confidence due to their perennial single status or unhappy because of serial relationship failures.

Before long, they start doubting themselves and wonder if they've
got what it takes to find love and stay in love. There are also many couples who have bought into the dream of everlasting love, but on a practical day to day level are finding that the reality is unbearably different.

People who want their relationships to work but whom feel unsupported, unloved and unappreciated. Many will not attend
counselling because it is an admission that something might actually be wrong.



Loveworks is a show about real people who are falling in love, being in love, sharing love and building love.

It's a show that illustrates some of the crazy ways people first meet. The embarrassing stories about the first kiss.

The intensity of the honeymoon period and how they plucked up the courage to make that proposal or long-lasting commitment.

Loveworks wants to know how people stay in love. About the stories that form the bricks and mortar of a successful long-term relationship.






About the distribution of power between partners. And all whilst maintaining a sense of fun and spontaneity?

We want to share a part of their love journey and we want the show to witness their expression of love for each other, on camera.